The Vanishing Deductible & Other Good Driver Discounts

Infographic: 5 Ways to Save on Car InsuranceIf you are looking for a good driver discount and other ways to save on auto insurance, you are in the right place.

At Wade Insurance, our agents in the Trusted Choice® network can compare auto insurance rates from multiple companies and look for discounts on your behalf.

Some insurance companies offer vanishing or disappearing deductibles to drivers who have clean driving records. This perk deserves some exploration, so be sure to ask our agents what it means and how it could it can help you manage your insurance costs.

Because we are independent agents, we can shop across multiple insurance companies to find you the best coverage at the right price.

There are many ways to find discounts to make your auto insurance affordable, including practicing safe driving habits and maintaining a good driving record. Driving infractions, including traffic violations and DUIs, place points on your driving record that can severely impact your auto insurance rates.

Also, there are discounts available for careful drivers and those willing to take extra measures to show they are sincere about safety.

Taking an educational course on safe driving is one of them. These classes are usually provided at your local Department of Motor Vehicles office or at community colleges. Many insurance providers will reduce your premium after you successfully complete a safety course. More tips from our friends at Trusted Choice.

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