Keep Your Business Protected No Matter What With Life Insurance

Life insurance for business owners from Wade Insurance Agency in Springboro Ohio

Life insurance protects the long-term success of your business and employees as well as your family’s livelihood. With coverage from our partners at Motorists Life, you can prepare for the expected and the unexpected.

In the unfortunate event of your passing or a disability that leaves you unable to run your business, the right life insurance will be key to continuing your long-term success and prosperity.

Business Life Insurance Needs

We understand that no two businesses are the same, but every business owner needs life insurance. Our independent agents can customize coverage from Motorists Life that perfectly fits your business and your needs. Consider these solutions to the following scenarios.

  • A buy-sell plan, in the event that one or more partners become disabled or pass away.
  • Key man coverage, in the event that someone crucial to the business becomes disabled or passes away.
  • Business continuation, in the event that family members or partners have to make business decisions on your behalf.

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