Secure Your Business in a Digital World

Cyber security for business | Wade Insurance Agency, Springboro OhioSo much of business is now online. From prospecting to sales, your company houses information about its customers and operations. Just like your property and equipment need coverage, so do your digital assets.

Our partners at Motorists Insurance Group provide cyber liability coverage that protects you and your customers in case of a security breach in your company’s data. Motorists monitors your customers’ identities if their information is compromised, and will help you manage your reputation and keep your business running in case of a breach.

Additional Coverage

Does your business have especially unique or high-risk insurance needs?

From pollution risks to protecting vehicles against hail storms, ask your agent about how our in-house brokerage, MCM Agency, can solve the most niche insurance needs.

Helping Your Business Weather a Cyber Storm

Motorists will help ensure that the costs associated with a breach aren’t crippling to your business through coverage for data privacy regulatory expense coverage and regulatory defense expenses.

And while you sort everything out, Motorists can cover your lost income by adding business interruption coverage to your policy.

Don’t let one breach event compromise your business. Talk with one of our independent agents  to learn more about protecting your digital assets and operations.

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