Do You Need Fire Insurance for Your Home?

Facts about Home Fires InfographicThe National Fire Protection Agency reports that, on average, Americans experience a fire in their homes about once every five years. This number includes all accidental house fires, no matter how small. Most are put out quickly and result in little damage.

However, fires can occasionally get out of control, and when they do, the damage is often significant.

There are several things that can trigger a fire in your home. In addition to common cooking or heating fires, a number of other fire causes including malfunction of electrical and heating systems, negligent use of candles, cigarettes and matches, and arson can plague homeowners. A policy that includes fire hazard insurance can help you recover your home and belongings after a fire.

Most homeowners insurance policies cover structural damage and loss of personal property, or “contents,” up to a value of about 50 percent of the covered value of the home. If your home policy provides $200,000 worth of coverage, for example, the personal property portion would provide up to $100,000 worth of coverage for personal belongings.

An independent insurance agent in the Trusted Choice® network like ours at Wade Insurance Agency can help you determine your coverage needs and can explain your options for dwelling fire insurance. Independent agents work for you, not for an insurance company, and they have taken a pledge to provide exceptional customer service and honest, ethical advice.

It is a good idea to make an inventory of all your belongings and bring it with you when you meet with a Trusted Choice member agent. Most policies have caps on coverage for different kinds of belongings. If you own expensive items such as jewelry, artwork or electronics, you may need to purchase a separate rider that lists your valuable items and provides the additional coverage for them.

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