Identity Theft:
Don’t Let Thieves Delete Your Life’s Greatest Moments

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In today’s digital world, there are countless opportunities for identity thieves and fraudsters to use your personal information for their own gain. From stealing your credit card and bank account information to Social Security number and more, the damage they cause can be a major disruption to your life. You could suffer immediate financial losses from their crimes as well as significant costs trying to repair the mess.

Your identity is comprised of three types of information: financial, medical and public documents/data. We refer to this trinity as your identity portfolio.

Identity is an asset — as valuable as cash in hand. And it’s easily compromised through theft or a data breach. You should give the same kind of care to your identity portfolio as you would an investment portfolio. Your identity should be nurtured, managed and properly protected.

Included with a Motorists Homeowners Policy

Motorists Homeowners policies come with LifeStages from CyberScout. It’s our way of saying thanks for including us in your insurance services family. Call (877) 432-7463 to speak with a specialist.

We’ll Keep You on Track Through a Lifetime of Risk

Motorists Insurance keeps pace with emerging identity threats across all stages of your life, thanks to CyberScout, the nation’s premier provider of identity services. Our offering includes:

  • Document Replacement: in the unfortunate event that your Social Security Card, credit card, driver’s license or other important document is lost or stolen, contact us for help replacing it.
  • Fraud Services: expert assistance to help you repair the damage caused by identity theft.

If you ever find yourself faced with identity theft worries, you and your family can get help from a dedicated CyberScout fraud specialist whose support goes far beyond a do-it-yourself checklist of steps to take. The specialist will handle the recovery process behind the scenes by placing fraud alerts, calling creditors and sticking with you for as long as it takes to restore your good name and peace of mind.

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