Home Inventory — A Get Started Guide

Home Inventory Starter GuideA home inventory list can save you time (and stress!) if you ever have to file a claim, and apps like Know Your Stuff from the Insurance Information Institute make it really easy!

Keep track of your belongings, as well as their value, and easily share that information with your agent to speed up your claims process.

Begin with photos of the outside of your home. Take pictures from all sides and be sure to include any exterior structures—garage, toolshed, swing set, gazebo, etc. The goal is to help you list all the items in your home in the event that you need to file a claim. Begin by taking photos of every room. Don’t forget to include photos of closets and the interior of your garage or off-site storage unit if you have one. Once you’ve set up your rooms, you’ll be ready to add your belongings along with details about what they’re worth.

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