5 Life Changes: When You Should Review Your Life Insurance

Life can change at the drop of a hat. Whether it’s meeting that special someone and tying the knot or finally getting that big promotion at work, it’s important to consider adjusting your financial plan, according to our partners at Progressive Insurance. Your plan should include life insurance. Here are five moments in life where you should Read More

How to Look Like a Super Hero to Your Grandkids

Leaving a Legacy Is Easier Than You Think Do you have money tucked away in a coffee can or safety deposit box? Do you resist investing it because you don’t want to pay taxes on it? Or perhaps you do have it invested, but safely, in a CD or something that you know will provide Read More

Let Your Legacy Be Peace Of Mind, Not Funeral Debt

Many people buy life insurance simply to cover their burial and funeral expenses. Did you know there are a variety of burial insurance policies available that are quite different from each other? Before you buy one of these funeral insurance policies, our partners at Trusted Choice encourage you to make sure you’re getting what you Read More