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9,700 Reasons to Get a Catastrophic Health Policy

The total cost for all hospital stays in the United States in 2010 were $375.9 billion, and the average cost per stay was $9,700, according to a statistical brief released in 2013 by the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project. Of the 20 most expensive conditions to treat, septicemia (also known as “sepsis,” a condition where Read More

Why 7% of the Population Will Need $9,700 for Hospital Stays

The average cost of a hospital stay was $9,700 in 2010, but for people between the ages of 65-84, that cost was much closer to $12,300, according to a 2013 study from the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project. Of patients admitted to the hospital, those facing the biggest increase in cost were diagnosed with spondylosis, Read More

Yes, You Can — and Need — to Insure Your Pets

A pet is a member of your family. Whether your pet is a yellow lab, a tabby cat, or a chinchilla, you undoubtedly want to give it the best care. If you’ve ever had to make an emergency vet visit, you know the costs can quickly strain any budget. Because of the high costs of Read More

How to Get Roadside Help When Your Teen Drivers Need It

Flat tire? Locked out of your car? Dead battery? Out of gas? Help will be on the way anytime, day or night, with one-call-does-it-all Roadside Rescue from our partners at Pekin Insurance! Yeah, you need that. Our independent agents can help you make sure your teen drivers, and all of the drivers in your family, Read More

Disability Income Insurance

It can happen to anyone Every day, because of illness or injury, people lose their ability to earn an income, and that disability can last weeks, months, or even years! Studies show that 43 percent of all 40-year-olds will have a long-term disability event prior to age 65. In fact, the risk of needing long-term Read More